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Kids Turn Jokes

Kids' Jokes
Page 14

Why was six afraid of seven?
Because (7,8,9) seven ate nine!

Amanda (13)

What do you get if you mix a cow and a road??
A milky way!


Why isn't it safe to tell secrets in a grocery store?
Because potatoes have eyes, corn has ears and ,beans talk!(beanstalk)

Tie (14)

Who was the worst person in the Bible?
Moses! He broke all 10 Commandments at once!

Heather-Ann (13)

Why did my Dad order a footlong to go?
So he didn't have to wait to get in the truck!!

Haley (8)

What did the hat say to the tie?
You hang around while I go on a head.

Kayleigh (11)

Two oranges walk into a bar, one says to the other....
Your round!

Lewis (11)

Why did the rooster cross the road?
To prove he wasn't a chicken!

Zaira (10)

Will you remember me in a Year?
Will you remember me in a Month?

Will you remember me in a Week?
Will you remember me in a Day?

Knock Knock?
Who's there?

See! You forgot me already!

Meagan (13)

What happened when the mice ran up the clock?
The clock struck one and they all ran down!

Yogi (14)

What animal should you never play cards with?
A Cheetah!

Barbie (13)

Why did the worm go to the window?
Because he was seeing if he could fly - worm-fly!

Luke (7)

How do you stop a chicken from charging at you?
Go to the exit!!

Hayes (7)

What continent is an ant?

Pian (6)

What did the baker buy his Mom for Mother's Day?
Flour arrangements!

Alice (12)

What do you call a snail?
A boogie with a crash helmet!

Krystal (14)

What happen to Batman and Robin when they got squished?
They changed their names to Flatman and Ribbon!

Jade (9)

Where do cows go on Friday nights?
The moooovies!

Arlene (13)

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