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Kids Turn Jokes

Kids' Jokes
Page 15

Why did the spider want to go on the Internet?
To search the web!

Nathan (10)

What is yours, but used more by everyone else?
Your name!

Autumn (8)

What did one volcano say to the other volcano?
I lava you!

Jackie (11)

What did the tie say to the hat?
Go on ahead, I'll hang around.

Zach (11)

What stays in a corner and travels all over the world?
A stamp!


What did the short man say to the tall man?
How's the weather up there?

Marissa (8 1/2)

What do elephants paint their toenails red?
So they can hide in apple trees!

Have you ever seen a elephant in a apple tree? If you haven't then you know how well they disguise!
Roxanne (14)

How can you tell if the world is fat or skinny?
By going to outer space.

Mike (7)

Why was the broom late for work?
Because it over swept!

Sarah (14)

Why did the football go to the bank?
To get his quarterback!

Amanda (15)

What do you call a dog with a camera??
A pup-arazzi!

Brody (9)

What do you call a phone that does not ring?

Glendy (10)

What is a frogs favorite drink?

Vicki (13)

What did the big flower say to the little flower??
Hi Bud!

Rebecca (11)

What did the rug say to the floor?
I've got you covered!

Nataly (10)

What type of shoes make you slip?

Sapphire (17)

What did they do to the boy who kept stealing Rhubarb??
They put him in Custardy!

Alice (13)

A lady stopped by three hotels. Next thing she knew she was bankrupt. How could that be?
She was playing Monopoly!

Nathan (10)

What did the real Madrid team have for breakfast?
Beckham 'n' eggs!!!

Zach (11)

Where`s the best place to get a pencil?

Jennifer (9)

What did the banana do when he was late for school?
He split!

Samantha (14)

What did the detective say from under the bed sheet?
Shhhh! I'm undercover!

Nakia (11)

How did the cookie dough fly?
It got stuck to the birds foot!

Mariah (11)

Pretend you are in a forest and a tiger is attacking you, what do you do?
Stop pretending!!

Mike (16)

What did the guy wearing the yellow jacket say?

Alex (11)

What did the cow say to the farmer?
Milk Me!!

Hazel (15)

Where do you take a sick horse?
To the horsepital!

Ben (11)

What do you say when you run out of bullets?
Give me some bullets, it's an AMMO-Gency!

Tricia (10)

What do you call a man with no ears?
Anything you want - he can't hear you!

Sopana (7)

What kind of car does a Vampire drive?
A mobile Blood unit!

Nataly (10)

One day a tiger got lost. Everyone was looking for it. His mum asked him are you not going to try and spot the tiger?
No a tiger would be striped not spotted said the little boy!

Lauren (9)

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