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Kids Turn Jokes

Kids' Jokes
Page 16

What do you call a person who has one eye, three teeth, a crooked nose, and has a beard??

McClain (10)

What do you call a penguin in the desert?

Bob (13)

Why did Billy throw the clock out the window?
He wanted to see time fly!!

Daniel (21)

What do you call a sleeping bull?
A bulldozer!

Thomas (14)

What do you get from a pampered cow?
Spoiled milk!

Chelsea (10)

How do you make a tissue dance?
Put a little boogie in it!

Erin (7)

Did you hear about the magic tractor?
It turned into a field

Erin (7)

What is a caterpillar afraid of?
A dogerpiller

John (3)

Suppose you were in a jungle and a lion was attacking you. What would you do?
Stop supposing!

Chitrakshi (13)

Why did the horse have a long face?
Because he had the trots!

Patricia (14)

What's the one thing that would be the absolute best thing you could wish for if you really WERE on a deserted island??
A boat!!!

Ciara (15)

Why are monsters forgetful??
Because everything you tell them goes out the other!!

Pian (6)

What did Tennessee?
The same thing Arkansas!

Anna (12)

What is black and white and read all over?
A newspaper!

Demi (9)

There were three penguins on an ice burg. One slipped and fell off the ice burg and one flew away. How many penguins left?
One the penguin that flew away left.....but penguins can't fly!

Anonymous (10)

Why did the boy take a ladder to school?
Because it was high school!!
Tamaryn (8)

What type of movie does a pirate like??
Rated R!

Sierra (11)

Why did Mickey go to Mars to find his dog?
Pluto is right by it!

Jacob (12)

Who is faster than a speeding bullet and full of food?
Super Market!

Zach (9)

What did one penny say to the other penny?
Let's get together and make some sense!

Jake (9)

Why did the giraffe eat the blueberry?
He was feeling blue!

Kelsey (14)

What can a person always count on?
Their fingers!

Rebecca (13)

A deer, a duck and a skunk go to the movies. Tickets cost a dollar. Which one couldn't get in?
The skunk! A deer has a buck. A duck has a bill. A skunk only has a scent!

Jared (9)

Why are fish so smart?
Because they live in schools!
Stephanie (8)

What goes up, down, but never moves?
Kelci (14)

Why did the golfer wear an extra pair of pants?
In case he got a hole in one!!
Rebecca (9)

What is the difference between boogers and broccoli?
Some kids won't eat broccoli!!
James (10)

What is the best way to have fun with a cow?
Go to the Moooovies with him!!
Krissy (9)

What did the cat say when it touched the jellyfish?
Dusty (16)

What did Lilo get when she ran to the rescue station?
A stitch!!
Hayley (16)

What do you get from brown cow?
Chocolate milk!!
Cheyenne (9)

What do you get when you have five sisters??
A headache!!
Courtney (14)

What fruit never gets lonely??
A Pear (pair)!!
Rachel (9)

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