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Kids Turn Jokes

Kids' Jokes
Page 25

Why do frogs call themselves frogs??
Because they want to be frogs!
Trinity (6)

Why did the roses grow through the roots??
To get to the other side!
Trinity (6)

What did the cow say to the frog?
The cow said '' ribbit'' and the frog said '' moooooo'' .
Summer (14)

Why did the man with one hand cross the road?
To go to the second hand store!
Louise (11)

Why did the chicken cross the road?
CRASH!! BOOM!! BANG!! I guess we'll never know!
Lauren (14)

What did the mustard say?
Hey, let me catch-up?
Hannah (10)

What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?
Time to get a new fence!
Natalia (6)

A person wanted to go to the airport.
He saw a sign that said airport left.
So he went home.
Trudy (10)

What did the bee use to comb his hair?
A honey comb!

Nicholas (7)

Where do otters come from?
Otter Space!!

Rebecca (11)

What is a snakes favorite subject??

Baylee (13)

What is black and white and re(a)d?
A newspaper!

Keith (9)

Why did the shark cross the ocean?
For the halibut!

Heather (18)

What is a hamster's favorite state?
New Hamster!!

Maggie (7)

Father to a child: Which book do you like the most?
Child answers: My father`s cheque book

Khushi (12)

What has four wheels and flies?
A garbage truck!

Allana (10)

Why did the chicken get suck in the middle of the road?
Because KFC was on one side and Red Rooster was on the other side!

Ellee (9)

There was 10 copycats. 1 ran away. How many are left?
0 because they all ran away!!

Faith (10)

Why is Cinderella a bad player?
Because her coach was a pumpkin!

Aria (8)

What starts with E and ends with E and has one letter in it??
An envelope!

Julian (14)

What did the horse say when it got out of the fridge?

Courtney (9)

Why do cats scratch people?
Because they want to lick you
Trinity (6)

What do you call a shoe in a sock?
A stoking!
Angel (8)

Why did the hedgehog cross the road and get run over?
To be with his FLAT mate!
Louise (10)

What do bulls like to play?
Bulls eye!
Ali (10)

Where did the hamburgers go to dance?
The meatball!
Galilee (8)

What is Yahoo's favourite drink?
Raifa (11)

A red house is made out of red bricks, a blue house is made out of blue bricks, a yellow house is made out of yellow bricks. What is a green house made of?
Renee (11)

Why did the scientist put a knocker at his door?
He wanted to win the no-bell prize!

Anna (10)

Why did the bat cross the road?
Because he was attached to the chickens' neck!

Caroline (14)

What did the cookie say to the other cookie in the oven?
I'm so baked!

Albie (11 1/2)

What did one baby chick say to the other baby chick?
What's up my peep?

Joseph (11)

How does a pen know how to start working before you throw it away?
Because it has an ink-ling something is going to happen!

Robin and Rob

What do you call a turtle and a porcupine that crosses the road?
A slow poke!

Marilyn (7)

A baby snake went to his mama snake and asked "Are we poisonous?
"No..." said the mama "Why would you ask that?"

Because I just bit my tongue!

Where did the squirrel store his food?
In his pan-tree!

Murray (8)

What animal is black and red?
A sunburned zebra!

Emily (7)

What did the mother buffalo say when her son left?

Makayla (8)

Why did the king draw straight lines?
Because he was the ruler!

Girlie (13)

Why did the crab blush?
Because the sea-weed!

Millie (13)

What did the potato say to the french fries?
Johnny! SPEAK TO ME!!!

Elvis (11)

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