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Kids Turn Jokes

Kids' Jokes
Page 3

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Sugar Who?
Sugar Tank

Will you remember me in a days time?
Will you remember me in a weeks time?
Will you remember me in a years time?

Knock Knock
Who's there?
You forgot me already!

Venos (6) England

How do you stop a rhino from charging?
Take away it's c#cc0000it card!!

Bonnie, (12) California

What did A say to C?
It's an A-B conversation, C your way out of it.

Deborah (10), New York

Why did the man with no hand cross the road?
To get to the second hand shop!

Me#cc0000ith, (12) South Australia

What is the smartest State in the United States?
Alabama because it has 4 "A's" and 1 "B"

Whitney (11), Alabama

What do you get when you cross Federal Express with UPS?

Lori (7), Nevada

What eats like a horse snores like a pig and hords money?
A millionaire

Kerron (11) Trinidad

What do you get when a cow gets caught in an earthquake?
A milk shake!!!

Natalie, Illinois

What do you say when a bannana runs away because there sca#cc0000?
Wow! So thats why they call it a bannana split. Mom, why would a bannana split at an ice cream store!!!

Natalie, Illinois

Why do seagulls fly above the sea?
Because if they flew across the bay they would be Bay-gulls !!!

Natalie, Illinois

Why do bananas wear sun tan lotion?
Because they "peel!!

Natalie, Illinois

How did the gum cross the road?
It was stuck to the bottom of the chickens foot!!


Why did the rooster cross the road?
To get to the other side!


Why did the dinosaur cross the road?
Because chickens weren't invented yet!!!

Jo, Australia

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Scot Who?
'Scot nothing to do with you!!
Savvas (8), England

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Ays Who?
Ays your next door neighbour!!
Savvas (8), England

There was a woman named Marion, she had married ten men. Why did she marry them?
Because she loves marrying the men to their wives.[she was a minister]
Page, (11), Nebraska

There was a boyfriend and girlfriend talking. The girl said, "Now that we are engaged, will you give me a ring??"
The boy answe#cc0000, "Sure. What is your number again?"

Bee (12) Tennessee

Have you ever eaten deer?
Have you ever eaten rabbit?
Have you ever eaten bear?
Oh really?!? I always eat with my clothes on!
Bee (12) Tennessee

What did the man say when he ran into the bar?

Danielle (11) Illinois

What did the pig say on a 100 degree day?
I'm bacon!!

Natalie, Illinois

What do you get if u come across a snowball and a shark?
Frost bite!!

Natalie, Illinois

What did the tie say to the hat?
You go on a head, I'll just hang around!!!

Danielle (11) Illinois

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