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Kids Turn Jokes

Kids' Jokes
Page 7

A book never written:
Falling of a Cliff by Eillen Dover.

Dani (14)

Why did the bird go to the hospital ?
He needed tweetment!

Autumn (9)

What two words have thousands of letters in them?
Post Office

Ari (7)

When does the post office have so many people in it?
When there is a stampede!

Ari (7)

What is a Kings favorite weather?

Ari (7)

Knock, Knock
Who's There?

Sonia who?

It's on ya foot I can smell it!!!!!!
Louise (13)

A man walked into a bar, OUCH! What happened?
A man walked INTO a bar!

Julian (12)

What do you call a monkey that eats chips?
A chipmunk!

Niko (16)

What do you call chute and a chute?
A parachute!

Isaac (4)

What did the crow say when he crossed the road?
Cor, cor!

Brittany (10)

Knock, Knock
Who's There?

Boo Who?.

Geez, it was just joke ya don't have to cry about it.
Brian (12)

Why did the cookie go to the hospital?
He was feeling crumby

Adam (17)

What did the man get on his eyes when he fell on his lawn?
Eye grasses!

Ari (7)

What is the cleanest part of a stadium?
The Bleachers!

Tara (10)

What do you call a cow on the ground?
Ground Beef!

Bianca (11)

What do you call a fly with no wings?
A walk!

Julian (12)

How does a king know how tall he is?
He uses his ruler!

Ari (7)

Why did the M&M go to school?
Because he wanted to be a Smartie!

Jessica (14)

Mary's mother has 4 children. Their names are Spring, Summer, Fall, and __________. What is the missing child?
Mary, of course!

Rachel (14)

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