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Kids Turn Kids'perts

Kids' perts


The Question:

Do you think kids should be allowed to wear whatever they want? Should parents have a say in what clothes you wear both to school and when not at school?

Kids'perts Say:

NO! no, no, no, no, no!!! Do you have any idea what the halls in my school would be like if EVERYBODY was allowed to wear what they want? The odd person's just snicker that they'd actually wear it. But with everybody doing it, I could just picture kids coming in just underwear. Kids should have a little say in what they wear (like not wearing XL and wearing their REAL size, and choosing their own style but not too outrageous), but mainly the parents should just say no to "inappropriate" clothes. Personally, I won't care if my mom said i can't wear a tube top with no back and the shortest miniskirt in the world to school. Ya, so to all you parents out there IT'S OK TO SAY NO!!!!!! And when your kids complain they're just striving for attention. ."....Calm (15) Canada

"To some degree, yes, parents should have a say. That's what they're here for. I don't think they should take away your freedom to express yourself by your clothing choices though. Especially now, we should be allowed to choose our wardrobe. However, parents DO buy the clothes, so they of course have a say in what they buy, right? If they think it'll be distracting in a school, or even non-school, environment, then they should limit us to some extent. Overall though, I don't think they should step in too much. But then again, I'm a teenager, what do I know? :) "....Luvs (13) USA

"Yeah, we should be allowed to wear whatver we want... within considerable reason though. They're a form of expression, and I wear clothes that suit my mood. I'm creative, so I tend to wear clothes that are a little bit more unique than everyone else. All the time. We have a dress code at school: no halter tops, spaghetti strap tanks, shirts at or below waist. If our school got a dress code I wouldn't be thrilled because they're taking away my way of trying to be myself. Parents here have a say in the dress code, and anything that my mom doesn't approve for me to wear doesn't get bought in the first place. And at home? I dress comfortable, I don't dress in my school clothes if I'm just staying home."...Jazzy (14) USA

"Noooooo!! I don't know how to explain it, but it would be a dangerous thing to do! Parents definitely should and DO have a say in what their kid wears!"....FBG (12) USA

"Kids should always be able to wear what they want, as long as it doesn't violate dress code/have no back/really revealing/have lewd sayings/come from the 70's/ have sequins where sequins do not belong. I'm all for freedom of expression, and clothing is definitely a big part of that. Not to mention nudist colonies..."....Harlequin (15) USA

"I didn`t have a choice on what to wear to school. Because I went to Catholic school. But concerning this issue. Kids should be allowed to wear what they want, within limits."...Daisuke, USA

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