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The Question:

Do as I say, not as I do?
Do you think parents should spill all the beans on what they did at your age? For example: If you ask your parents if they did drugs, broke the law or drank or other things at your age - should they be 100% truthful? Should they hold a little back? What do you think? Would you use the excuse "Well, you did it when you were my age"?

Kids'perts Say:

"I think Parents have the responsibility to pass on thier wisdom to thier children... and that involves telling them stories of thier own childhood and adolecence. They have perspective on what it was like to be our age, and if that perspective can help us make important decisions, they should tell us. Now, all this can be done by just telling us to do or not to do something... but knowing teenage thought patterns like I do (I am one, after all), I know that we aren't taken to accepting things on blind faith. Children need fairy tales and adventure stories to help them understand why decisions are important..."

"Teenagers need real life stories. Who better to tell them and be examples than the parents themselves?" ."....Jim (16) USA

"I would use it against them! Actually, from what I gather, my parents were...ummm...good at my age! If they weren't, I don't think I'd want to hear about it. I don't even like hearing about them going to bars when they were of age. "....Maggie (17) Canada

"I think parents should talk to their kids about what they did when they were young. It makes kids feel like they can talk to their parents about anything because, chances are, one of your parents will have been in the same situation. However, when parents share that kind of information, it isn't condoning those acts. It is an example of what NOT to do. I don't belive that parents should hold back anything. Any sex drugs rock and roll type thing will either be discussed by you, or their friends. Just because the parent tries to shelter the child, their friends won't. No matter what, kids will find out. Why would a parent lie? As long as the parent makes in undeniably clear that you are not to do what they did, there is no problem."...Grizz (14), USA

"Well, I think if they did drugs (or something else bad), they don't necesarily need to tell their kids that they did it, at least right away, but rather tell them the affects. If they feel comfortable, and the child is old enough, then yes, they should explain how they did it , and how it affected them."....Niko (16) USA

"I think parents should ALWAYS tell their kids the truth. Chances are the kids will find out the truth sooner or later in life anyway, so why lie? Honesty is the best policy."....Rach (18) USA

"Well, I think that parents shouldn't with-hold the truth if asked, and if they don't do it anymore, then the kid's at fault for saying "well you did it too!" They should do things for themselves, not to prove a point. My parents don't drink or smoke or anything, but when they were teens, my dad tried drinking, and my mom tried one of her sister's cigarettes, and both of them hated it, and I don't even want to try, just to find out that it's bad for me. Why learn the hard way when you have parents or those who came before you that have already tried it out for you, and are just trying to protect you?"...Teggo (15) USA

"The excuse "you did it when you were my age" doesn't work because you don't want to make the same mistakes your parents did. That's true in my case, anyway. "....Jazzy (14) USA

"I think that parents could tell the kids if they did drugs or drank, but they should also tell any consequences that came along with that. Kids absolutely SHOULD NOT use the excuse "well, you did it too." We are supposed to learn from our parents mistakes, not copy them. :)"....Sunny (13) Canada

"I'm not a kid, but when asked parents should tell the truth, along with why it was a bad idea to do the bad things they did."....4Kids2Teach, USA

"I've actually asked my parents about things they did before and as far as I know they've mostly been truthful. They should be truthful as much as they want to be. And no I wouldn't use the excuse "Well, you did it when you were my age". It doesn't matter who did the same thing when they were younger....doing something bad is never excused. If they did it when they were'd expect that they were punished for it too."....Calm (15) Canada

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