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The Question:

You want to get a pet. Your parents are not keen on the idea. How do you convince them to allow you to have a pet?

Kids'perts Say:

"Well, parents probably think you aren't responsible enough to get a pet, so show them you are. Clean up your room, offer to do the washing up now and again. If you have a young brother or sister, take some responsibility for them, like help them get dressed or whatever. Eventually your parents will see you are responsible and might let you get a pet. ."....Sam (16) UK

"Well first of all, considering MY'd take a while, using even the best of plans, to convince them I'm worthy of a pet. Other then my dog, it took me about a year before they gave in and allowed me to get a rabbit (his name is Thumper by the way, and he's reached a respectable 7 years old).

Anyway, I'd first spend a night thinking up all the reasons I'm worthy, then the next day, bring it up casually (say at the dinner table, or in the morning while in the kitchen). I'd then list a few of the reasons before actually saying anything about wanting a pet. I'd see their reaction, if they say yes, I say thanks and note to NOT talk about it too much to make sure they don't get annoyed and change their mind.

If they say no, I'd say ok, drop it, and bring it up a few days later, continuing the cycle until a yes or any of it's forms is said. And just a hint: "maybe", "we'll see" and "I'll think about it" are "NO!"s and should be treated as such. "....Calm (16) Canada

"I've dealt with this so many times- the secret is to know your subject. Research it, and I do mean in-depth. Write a paper on the thing, and make it as long as possible and full of information. Don't nag, and be very serious and mature about it. Look up numbers for dog-training classes (if it's a dog) as well."...Harlequin (15) USA

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