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Kids Turn Kids'perts

Kids' perts


The Question:

Who has it easier girls or boys? Why do you think that?

Kids'perts Say:

"Depends on what aspect, for the most part, it's the same. But personally, girls get PMS that pretty much sums up the only part that I think guys get easier, then again, guys have to put up with the girls!"....FBG (12) USA

"Boys DEFINITELY with out a doubt have it easier. Well, in some things. Growing up, guys definitely have it easy. But then again, when war comes up, its usually men who are drafted, although women do serve as nurses, etc. Women also have the roles of being mothers though, and they're the ones who give birth. All in all, I think guys have it a little easier than us. "...Luvs...(12) USA

"Okay, this is totally biased, totally from a girls point of view. I think that girls have it worse, but my guy friends seem think otherwise. We have to go through various female pressures as we get older, and they are really yucky for some people. The things guys go thru don't cause pain the way some of us have. I always grew up wanting to be a boy, but that's just me"....Maggie (16) Canada

"Boys have it easier. Life is hard for both sexes but boys have it a little easier. I don't know how to explain why."....Cheesy (14) Canada

"I don't think gender has anything to do with how easy a person's life is. True, some girls are extremely emotional and cry all the time- but so do some guys. True, girls get their hearts broken by this person they're totally crushing on- but so do guys. True, girls get picked on about this that and the other thing- but so do guys. I think we all go through difficult times, no matter who we are.."...Rach (17) USA

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