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Kids Turn Kids'perts

Kids' perts


The Question:

If you had to pick an age to be for your whole life, knowing you would stay at that age and not grow older - what age would you pick and why?

Kids'perts Say:

"I would probably pick 12, just because you have responsibility's but you aren't in charge of much, but you have privileges :)"....FBG (12) USA

"I would pick to be 26. You're old enough to drive, drink (not that I would be doing too much of that), vote, and you're out of college. Besides, you're still young. :) "...Luvs...(12) USA

"30, Your old enough to be considered "experienced" but your still young enough to do all the stuff you could in your 20s"....Cheesy (14) Canada

"I would stay this age forever because I like being what I am right now. I have great friends and good music. I could be a kid (yeah, I'm turning 14 next week but I like being a "kid" still lol). I don't have arthritis and my hair is not turning gray so end of discussion. I like being thirteen! ^..^"...Jazzy (13) USA

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