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The Question:

If you had your choice of being confined to your room for three days, or spanked - which would you choose and why?

Kids'perts Say:

"I would choose to be spanked because I couldn't HANDLE being confined in my room for 3 days! Unless I had my computer, food, and a telephone with me- but I think that would defeat the purpose... =)"....Rach (17) USA

"Hmmm...well, my parents don't spank me. I'd pick being confined to my room for three days because I have everything I need in my room. I have a phone, TV, plus everything I got for Christmas, yearbooks, etc. Stuff that would keep me occupied, in other words, is all in my room. Except, of course, I'd be missing the computer but... I could do without it for 3 days. :) "...Luvs...(12) USA

"My room, because I have a computer with access to the entire world...not to mention games and such...and I would sneak candy into my room as a source of food...I spend all of my time in my room anyway, so being confined would not be a problem...I would not allow my parents to spank me under any circumstances..."....Cali (15) USA

"I would choose to be sent to my room because I have my computer, TV, Playstation and stereo in my room. Plus it is less of a blow to my ego. =]"...Grizz (13) USA

"That's a hard choice. I think I'd rather be confined to my room for three days... hurting anyone is really bad. Also thinking... I spent quite a lot of time in my room as it is. It's not that bad. Not confined necessarily (someone get dictionary please) but I do spend a lot of time in my room."...Jazzy (14) USA

"I'd choose to be spanked because when my parents spank, it doesn't injure you. AND I have NOTHING in my room, a phone that would probably get disconnected before I went in there, otherwise I would have nothing to do! "....FBG (12) USA

"I have been hit a grand total of three times, all of which involved electricity and a three year old, so I am therefore quite grateful. However, I would lose all trust were my parents to engage in a premeditated beating, and I would press charges were they to have used a weapon."...Ari (14) Canada

"When I was younger i would have chosen to be spanked, it was the quick and easy way out of punishment, and it really didn't hurt that badly. I've heard stories about kids who were spanked with belts or were hit with willow branches, but I never really got that when I was a little kid, so it wasn't that bad. It was more of a psychological thing, having my parents angry at me and all. But my parents, they never got that angry. The one time my Dad spanked me, he explained exactly why he was spanking. By the time he got around to it, he was laughing, and it really didn't have any effect. But I've grown up. Things about our culture have made their way into my mind, and spanking seems like a terribly humiliating way to punish someone. Maybe it isn't to a small child, but from a Hormone filled teenager's view, it seems, well, almost sexual. That entire area of the body is kinda off limits by the time a kid turns 12. I'd have a real problem letting my parents spank me anymore, it just doesn't seem appropriate in our sex-charged society. I'd much rather be sent to my room, three days or more, than have to bear for even an instant that thought process that has been driven into my mind. I fear my own thoughts anymore because of the perversion out society drives into anything and everything.

And anyway, I wouldn't mind spending three days in my room. I spend most of my time anymore down there reading the LOTR and listening to music. I don't watch TV or read magazines or newspapers much anymore, the world just seems to sick right now. I don't really feel like being a part of it. But ya' know, there are plenty of good things that the media doesn't bother to mention much, small things that aren't worthy of the front page or even the space that the sports section takes. Things that are usually covered by the comics. Yeah, I really wouldn't mind spending three days in my room, as long as I'm not bothered by anyone (girlfriend and friends excluded."....Jim (15) USA

"I would choose to be sent to my room for 3 days because being spanked just makes me feel like a 2 year old. Besides, spanking is sooooo 1990's! I barely know anybody who does it anymore. Also, I like my room. I can draw or read, and i know some kids who have tvs in their room so it can be kinda fun. Spanking a child can also effect their self-esteem, or it won't effect them at all. It's an all or nothing thing, and it shouldn't be used because it teaches the child violence. My parents used to spank (more on my brother then me) then they started slaping our hands, now they just ground us. I don't think I ever stopped doing something because I might be spanked, so it doesn't even work on me."....Calm (14) Canada

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