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The Question:

Is it ok for girls to ask guys out on a date or should only the guys be doing the asking? Explain your answer.

Kids'perts Say:

"Personally, I'm the old-fashioned kind of girl and would like for the guy to ask me out. I don't think theres anything wrong with a girl making the first move, either. In fact, it puts less pressure on guys if the girl asks first. This hasn't happened to me yet, so I'll let you know more when I get there. :) "...Luvs...(12) USA

"I think that it's ok (as long as you have your parents permission of course :) Because if you wait for the guy you like to ask you on a date, you might never get that date :) Me personally I probably won't date anyway, but if there's a guy that "catches my eye" ;) Then I'll ask him, when I'm older."....FBG (12) USA

"Girls can totally ask guys out. I am extremely shy when it comes to "relationships" and i fear rejection so I just cant ask a girl out. It would solve all my probs if she would just ask me out anyways my answer is Girls can"....KTCCheesy (15) Canada

"Girls can ask out I think, I've asked guys out before, but I think that it's nicer when a guy asks a girl out, it's more old fashioned and I am totally into that. SIDE my car door before I get in!!!!!"....Maggie (17), Canada

"It's fine for girls to ask guys out on dates, to parties and dances or anything at all. We're all equal, so what's wrong with it? It's not nessisarily "traditional" but a lot of people I know have done it and it's fine."....Jazzy (14), USA

"I'd have to say it's allright either way. The entire dating system is rather new compared to the age of civilization, so who says we can't make it our own? Sure, you've got the antiquated notions of courtship and arranged marriages (don't tell my mom i said that), but those passed into obscurity while Hester Prynne was sporting her famous letter. Dating in (teenage) society no longer holds the same romantic (or shall I say sexual) implications as it did, or does on higher levels. When I go on a date, I'm hanging out with a friend, and often it's nothing really more than that. Sure, there are those who're serious about relationships, but they shouldn't be smooching in the hallway this early, anyway. The point is, dating aint what it used to be, and new 'rules' should apply, accordingly. The chance is, if a girl OR guy really likes you, you won't care who asks who out."....Jim (15), USA

"First of all, the thing that guys should ask girls out is only a guideline of what people think is 'normal'. Girls CAN ask guys out but most are way too shy so they gnerally don't (I'm not saying that that all girls are that way, just the majority). Guys, in a girls view, should be manly and brave and make the first move. In reality, I know that most guys are almost, if not more, afraid to ask first then girls are. All this talk that they have to make the first move must put a lot of pressure on them (not that I know what a guy's like, this is just what I see).
It's ok for a girl to ask a guy out, it's just that they won't unless they think they have to. I would probably kill myself before I asked a guy out, cuz I'd be saying to myself "Does he really like me? What if he says no? What if he says yes but will dump me after the first date? What if his friends make fun of him cuz i asked him out? Will he be around his friends ALL day? What if what if what if.......?????!!!" I'm a worry box. LOL......"....Calm (14) Canada

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