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The Question:

Do you think Olympic athletes should be banned for life if they test positive for banned substances while participating at the Olympic games? What do you think motivates an athlete to take this risk?

Kids'perts Say:

"Yes. I think they should be banned. You shouldn't have to use drugs to help you in sports."...Luvs...(12) USA

"Hmmmm No I don't think the athlete should be banned for life. I think they should be banned from the games in which he was caught doing a Illegal substance but he should have a chance to clean hem/her self up and come back for the next games."....KTCCheesy (15) Canada

"I do not think an athlete should be banned for life if they test positive for usage of a banned substance while participating in the Olympic games if it is the first time that they have been caught. We are all human and do make mistakes. They definitely should be kicked from those games to be shown how serious such a crime is. But a lot can change for a person in the course of two to four years. It may have been their first usage due to pressure of another or curiosity. It is a very bad choice, especially during the games, but as we know, all humans make stupid mistakes. However, if they are caught more than once, then they should be banned, because at that point it doesn't have anything to do with stupid mistakes, but instead with a choice.

We can't say what motivates one to use a banned substance during the game. It may be the stress, pressured to do so, needing an escape, or just wanting to have fun. No matter what the circumstances are, usage is usage, and should be dealt with in the appropriate manner."
....Cali (15) USA

"No I don't think that athletes should ever be banned for life unless it's something life-threatening. People can change, and an athlete realizes that drugs can ruins your dreams and he/she stops, that's an improvement and his or her determination should be considered. I think that the reason athletes take that risk in the first place might be because they were in the "heat-of-the-moment", and tried it without thinking straight. Or maybe they were having a REALLY bad day, figured they wouldn't win anyways, and took the substance to find comfort. Neither are acceptable excuses, but are eventually forgivable."....Calm (14) Canada

"I do think they should be banned for life, I don't think in any case a drug should be used to improve performance, or even to celebrate anything. I think they get so scared and they decide they won't be good enough without a certain drug, but then they also have to realize that they will be tested, every athlete is.....Maggie (17) Canada

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