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Kids Turn KTC Gang!

Hi! I'm Big Advil Daddy!

Hi! I'm Big Advil Daddy: I've been around for some time!

About Big Advil Daddy:

    Nickname: Big Advil Daddy/Jonathan
    Age: 20
    Birthdate: September 4th
    Location: North Carolina, USA

About Me:
Well, where do I begin? I guess I'll start with how insanely cool by bestest-internet-friend-ever, Rach, is! She's totally cool! If there was an internet popularity contest, and I was the only one voting...Rach would definitely win. Also, KE in general was a great place that I used to love coming to all the time. Wendy might just be the coolest Canadian I know, and that includes me!

What do I do now? Well, this past summer I ... decided to temporarily quit college to help my family out with the business, and I got a job as the assistant coach of my old high school team! So I'm now Coach Gareis to all the youngsters!! I'm very excited to be doing this - as I think some of you know, I seriously injured my knee during my senior year at high school, so I wasn't able to play competitive basketball in college like I hoped to. Now, to get some firsthand coaching experience at this age, gives me a lot of hope that I will be able to stay involved in competitive basketball at the coaching level. It's very exciting!

I haven't been here nearly as long as Rachie has, but I *did* originally come here because of her! She made a poll (way back when) asking if anyone had ever shoplifted or not, even a tiny bit. Wendy turned the poll into a Delphi advertisement thingy, and I followed it to KE, where I met this great bunch of people! So, thanks Rach and Wendy!

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