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Kids Turn KTC Gang!

Hi! I'm Calm!

Hi! I'm Calm: I'm one of the original KT Kids!

About Calm:

    Nickname: Calm or Clam
    Age: 18
    Birthdate: April 16
    Location: Ontario, Canada

About Me: Hey hey! name's Calm (obviously), and it's ironic since I'm a crazy little fool and am anything BUT calm. I'm a true Canadian according to what tree I am (maple tree lol), and I am also an active sailor. I like music and I play Alto, Bari, and Tenor Sax and I've recently learned to play the flute as well.

I LOVE to draw....especially anime, but currently I've also gotten into painting. I'm all set for the exact SECOND I get the money to buy paints and canvas..... I'm pretty smart, and I'm always there if you need help.

I'm an original member of KE, and I found out a while ago from Wen that I joined fairly close to when KE opened, about 6 or 7 years ago. If you have any questions or problems, I'm always ready to help (thought I'd mention that again....trying to make a good image for myself here lol). Also, if you see me in chat and want somebody to PC with, I LOVE to meet newbies, so I usually PC with anybody (everybody else thinks newbs are annoying.....I find them amusing, and usually fun to talk to.)

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