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Kids Turn KTC Gang!

Hi! I'm Jazzy!

Hi! I'm Jazzy: I'm one of the original KT Kids!

About Jazzy:

    Nickname: Jazzy
    Age: 15
    Birthdate: December 22nd
    Location: New York, USA

My Forums and Web Sites: Allegro Rose and Allegro Rose (forum). Drop by!

I'm the fifteen year old girl who was way too much spare time and I'm really different. Some of my other nicknames online include/have included Rose, Auntie Nos, Alanna, Grace, and Ducky.

I've got quite a passion for the arts, espesially music. I'm an active musician and my current goal includes getting into All-State when I'm a junior. In school, I'm taking as many art courses as I can fit in my schedule. After school, I play solo flute with the jazz band and in select bands I tend to play the piccolo. I also write frequently, some of my works can be found on my website, on KT forum or my forum.

My favorite musicians are Jewel Kilcher, Dave Matthews Band and Evanescence. I love meeting new people, so come talk to me on the forums!

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