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Kids Turn KTC Gang!

Hi! I'm Shanaynay!

Hi! I'm Shanaynay: I've been hanging out at Kids' Turn for a long time now.

About Shanaynay:

    Nickname: Shanaynay (formerly Skatergirl)
    Age: 18
    Birthdate: July 14th
    Location: Virginia, USA

About Me:
I'm somewhat of an internet addict. I spend about 90% of my free time chatting, posting in all my favorite forums, and joining fanlistings. I'm also a total daredevil. Mountain climbing, shark caging, trying out for (and WINNING) Survivor, and eating every type of sushi the nearest Japanese restaurant has to offer are a few of the things on my list of stuff to do before I die. I love the idea of travel and one of my main goals in life is to travel to as many places as I can. Africa and Tokyo are first on my list, followed by Australia.

So yeah, to sum it all up, I'm a little random and a lot crazy. I also love to meet and talk to people, so look for me in the chat room! Just don't pc me, cuz it's not cool.

A few things that rule: Hot Topic clothing, Atreyu, Pirates of the Caribbean, RPG video games like Chrono Trigger and Kingdom Hearts 2 (sequel is better), the Tony Danza sitcom Who's the Boss, and any kind of junk food that has peanut butter in/on it.

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