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Hi! I'm Zao!

Hi! I'm Zao: I'm a long time member of Kids' Turn Central.

About Zao:

    Nickname: Zao
    Age: 21
    Birthdate: July 5th
    Location: Ontario, Canada

Hi I'm Zao on the KTC forums, or CokeHOST in the chatroom. I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, and have no desire to leave...I love it here! I love sports, whether it's playing, watching, or just talking about them. My favourite sports to play are baseball and hockey, but I'll play any sport as long as it's with fun people. Except swimming, I can't swim.

I love to listen to music and go to concerts. Because none of my favourite bands ever come to my area, I often travel up to 12 hours for a music festival. I am on a team with 6 others who are planning, promoting and producing our own late night Christian hard music show. We have not yet been on the air though, the station we are with is still in its final stages with the CRTC, the Canadian review organization for TV and radio.

I do many things in my spare time. I make a little spare change delivering pizzas to hungry customers. I enjoy movie nights or going out to eat with my friends. I devote several hours a week to volunteering at an online help, safety and education organization. I love to eat. I could write a whole chapter on my favourite foods, but I'm afraid I would miss some of them :( And it's just too hard to choose!

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it :)

Zao is one of our valuable Hosts at Kids' Turn Chat

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