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About Botany
Detail explanation of what Botany is, from Botanical Society of America. Includes areas of specialization.

Plants and our Environment
Site created by kids, for kids. Learn about plants, photosynthesis, pollination and more.

Botany for Kids
Projects designed for budding botanists.

Botanical Society of America
Collection of hundreds of images related to Botany.

Plants for Kids
Site breaks down into various plants with links to resources on that plant.

The Great Plant Escape
Solve six different "mysteries" about how plants grow. Learn about a plant's life cycle and structure, soil nutrients, and flowers.

Learn about photosynthesis, leaf and leaf structure and the nature of light. More topics.

An introduction to the many ways children can interact with plants and the outdoors.

Fun Facts about Fungi
Learn all about Fungi!

Flying Turtle Science
An introduction to photosynthesis and energy presented in a fun ways kids will understand.

Exploring the Secret Life of Trees
The University of Illinois Extension provides an interactive slide show to learn about trees.

A list of Botanists with articles on Wikipedia.

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