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Kids Turn Online Resources

Camping Fun Camping

Kids Camping Corner
Fun stuff for kids to do while camping from Woodalls.

Outdoor Kids
Texas parks offes some fun ways to explore outdoors.

Camping at
Guide David Sweet has a TON of things to learn about camping - including lots for kids to see and do.

Kids Camping Equipment
Equipment every kid needs to go camping - plus tips on safety and how to use.

Kids' Camps
A very thorough list of camps just for kids.

Go Camping America
Lots of great resources and fun for kids.

Camping with Asthma and Allergies
You don't have to suffer when camping if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Learn these tips and advice.

Camping with Kids
Tips and advice for parents on camping with kids.

Kids Camping in the Wild
Lolly and Polly learn about camping in the Arctic.

Campfire Songbook
Learn a few songs to sing around the campfire.

Outdoors with Kids
From GORP, ten camping commandments to build excitement outdoors.

Camping with Kids
From KOA, Learn new skills, experience the outdoors, and enjoy each other's company!

Kids Camping
A great new site dedicated to collecting and publishing ideas and articles to make camping with your kids even more fun and exciting. Good selection of advice, activities and fun.

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