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Computer Tips for Kids
Computer Tips Written for Kids developed by kids. Lots of topis written in Blog format.

How to Speed up your Computer
Step by step guide with screen shots on how to ScanDisk, Defrag and speed up your computer.

Why use a Screen saver?
Find out why you should use one. .

How a Hard Drive Works
Understand more about what your hard drive is doing.

Keeping Your MacIntosh Well Maintained
Article on basic maintenance for Mac users.

Windows Tips
A whole site dedicated to tips and tricks for Windows users.

Making Connections
How to get connected to the net.

Monitor Settings
What they are and how to adjust them.

Computer Glossary of Terms
Don't know your RAM from your ROM - check this glossary of terms to help you learn computer terms.

Bookmarks and Favorites
How to keep track of all those web sites you like to visit.

How to Set your Home Page
Simple instructions on how to set and change your computers start, or home page.

Error Messages
401? 403? What are those error messages you are getting? Find out here.

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