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Looking for Links Christmas

Cookies and Candy Southern Cooking Guide Diana Rattry has a wonderful selection of holiday treats to choose from - definitely worth a look.

Gingerbread House
The recipe and templates for this very nice Gingerbread is available with all the instructions - not too difficult - from Epicurous.

Hershey Canada Kitchens
Favourite recipes for the holidays.

Holiday How To Center
Kraft helps you through the holidays!

Christmas Cookies and Treats
From classic gingerbread recipes to an edible winter wonderland, find the perfect Christmas cookies and treats for your celebration from Family Fun.

Christmas Kids' Cooking
Cooking with kids is so much fun around Christmas time. Kids love to make food gifts for their friends and help you to plan the Christmas food table. Discover an abundance of Christmas kids' cooking recipes, including sweet treats like gingerbread men.

Mary Mahar's Favorite Christmas Recipes
Most of these recipes are a little complicated for kids, but the Divinty recipe is a lot easier then you might think and soooooooo delicious.

A good selection of holiday recipes, more than just puddings!

Recipes for Kids
A terrfic selection of Kids Recipes for the holidays from Parenting Teens Guide Denise Witmer.

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