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DinoMight Kid's Dino Games
Terrific new site featuring tons of interactive dino games!

DinoMight Kid's Dino Profiles
Mouse over a dino image, click and read the profiles of different dinosaurs.

Dino Data
The Provincial Museum of Alberta, home of the Badlands and Dinosaur Valley - puzzles and games.

Kids can explore the fun games that make up DinoSawUs, go on fun adventures, communicate with other players, and play individual or multiplayer dinosaur games, all in an environment that’s completely safe.

Data and knowledge about dinosaurs in an easy way. Memory games, cartoons and more.

Dinosauria, The
Some good information here on dispelling the myths of dinosaurs. A heavy text based site, some nice graphics as well from UCMP Berkeley

Dinosaur Den
Information and special features about dinosaurs plus lots of fun stuff too!

Dinosaur Discoveries
Take this quiz and learn about the newest dinosaur discoveries from The Family Education Network.

Dinosaur Eggs
National Geographic brings you this fun Dinosaur Egg Hunt - a fun way to learn about dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Extinction
Meet the dinosaurs and learn about how they became extinct - nice page with puzzles too.

Dinosaur Facts
Facts, facts and more dino facts! New site featuring everything dinosaur.

Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette
Your online dinosaur magazine! Jokes, comics and great information and pictures.

Dinosaur News
All the latest news and information on recent discoveries in the dinosaur world including photos from Kids Infoplease.

Dinosaurs in Hawaii
Learn about and tour the exhibit of dinosaurs in Hawaii.

Dinosaur Time Machine
Dino facts, games, dinosaur footprint pictures and more. Created by a 10-year-old and his Dad.

Dinosaurs Weren't Alone, The
This well done site from Nova explains what else was on the planet when Dinosaurs roamed free.

Discover a Dinosaur
Unlike many paleontological expeditions that allow only scholars to take part, PWRF promotes the concept of “real science for all people” and encourages the involvement of everyone who has an interest in dinosaurs, no matter their age. Learn about the 2007 expeditions.

Discover Fossils
The largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada. Collected from the Pembina Hills of the Manitoba Escarpment. Meet Bruce, a 43 foot (13 metre) long mosasaur, the top of the food chain of the Cretaceous period.

You can download and make your own paper dinosaurs at this fun site.

Draw a Dinosaur
Easy instructions and guidance to draw your own T-Rex from Funorama.

Kids (and adults!) can have their very own virtual pet dinosaur and learn while they play. A unique feature is breeding your dinos to make a clutch of eggs - and setting the temperature to determine the gender of your babies.

Fossils by Bucky
Fossils of real dinosaurs for sale! Site also offers dinosaur activity books for kids, stuffed plush dinosaurs, dinosaur keychains, and dinosaur Tshirts and sweatshirts. Now featuring the children's book "Bucky, the Dinosaur Cowboy".

Field Museum, The
Check out the T-Rex Chicago's Field Museum is now featuring - nice graphics and lots of information on dino's here.

Rare Resource
Learn about Dinosaurs and get information about Dinosaurs names and history of the Dinosaur.

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
A new 20,000 square foot museum in Woodland Park, Colorado, featuring fossils from North America’s Cretaceous Period including marine reptiles, pterosaurs, dinosaurs, a working fossil lab viewable by visitors, and hands-on educational activities.

Kids Dig Dinos Brings You … Dinosaurs for Kids!
A kid-run Web site with kid-drawn dinosaur illustrations, dinosaur facts, history, names and meanings, dinosaur coloring pages.

Royal Tyrrell Museum
Paleontology comes alive at this Alberta, Canada museum. Exhibits listing online and find out the latest news and information.

The largest, and most complete preserved T Rex is on display at the Chicago Field Museum. Find out the schedule and how to get tickets!

A really good site for information on Tyrannosaurus Rex

Toronto Zoo, The
A great site from The Toronto Zoo with lots of interaction and educational information about animals, dinosaurs included!

Triassica is a UK fossils dealer, holding an extensive fossils inventory - complete dinosaurs fossils, dinosaur teeth, ammonites fossils, insects, trilobites, fish & more for research, collectors & museums.

UC Museum of Paleontology
This Museum from Berkeley offers extensive information on dinosaurs - but might be a little hard to understand.

Zoom Dinosaurs
This very complete site has a massive amount of information about every dinosaur imaginable.

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