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Earth Day Earth

Earth Day eCards - American Greetings
Online Earth Day cards for family and friends in many themes.

Eco Friendly Kids
All about kids and the environment, EcoFriendlyKids contains over 50 articles, all written by a team of experts in the field.

Eddy the Eco-Dog
Kids have fun learning about the environment and ecology with Eddy! Lots of fun while you learn, you can't beat that!

Earth Day Canada
A terrific site from Canada dedicated to Earth Day and the environment - lots of information, activities, schedules and more. Kids be sure to visit EcoKids for TONS of activities and kid info!

Earth Day for Kids
Although this is a 1996 page, the quiz and facts are still very relevant and informative.

Earth Day Groceries Project
Learn about the project to recycle grocery bags by having kids draw pictures on them for Earth day - the project is growing each year - see how you can participate!

Geography Action
An annual conservation and awareness program designed to educate and excite people about our natural, cultural, and historic treasures, from National Geographic.

Kaboose Earth Day
Learn the history of Earth day, play some games or adopt a Rainforest Bunny - lots of fun Earth Day projects for kids.

Save the Trees
Play this fun online game (you'll need Shockwave) with a Lorax (from Dr. Seuss) and help celebrate Earth Day with Random House.

Recycle : A Handbook for Kids

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