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Exotic Pets Exotic Pet Guide, Adrienne Kruzer takes you through the world of Exotic Pets. If you are interested in owning one this site can answer many of your questions. Lots of features and links on some unique Pets.

Ball Python
Care and raising of the Ball Python.

Burmese Python
A good site featuring the care and feeding of this large snake with warnings about keeping them in captivity.

Do Pot Bellied Pigs make Good Pets?
Learn about the Pot bellied Pig before you run out and buy one.

Care Sheets is dedicated to providing information on caring for exotic animals in captivity. From Burmese Pythons and Poison Dart Frogs to Ferrets and Hedgehogs, we have an information site with everything you will need to know BEFORE you purchase that special pet.

Exotic Pets UK
UK Pet shop specializing in exotic pets. Most listed have care sheets.

Health Care Guide for Lizards from Melissa Kaplan.

Red Ear Sliders
A good care and feeding guide for the very popular Red Ear Slider turtle.

Steve's Ant Farm
You can visit this virtual ant farm online and see what the ants are up to!

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