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Hershey's Fun
Lots of great food fun for kids in the Hershey's Syrup Kids' Zone! Coloring pages, games and more!

BugFood II
A text based site of information on insects as food - some real yucky reading here.

Visit the banana producers site and dance to the famous Chiquita jingle - you need to go to the Discover area to find it!

Food, Fun and Friends
Learn about what other kids eat around the world from this terrific site from Peacecorps for Kids. Very neat information on what other kids eat.

Food Safety Quiz
The US Food and Drug Administration brings you this quiz about food safety - do you think you could pass?

Food Students
Supplies information in the form of interesting stories and entertaining features on food, and on its production and origin. Modern technologies take centre stage.

Fun with Southern Food
Here's a fun Word Search Puzzle to use online - see if you can find the Southern Food names in the puzzle. Courtesy of your Guide Diana Rattray.

Kids and Cooking
Turn the kitchen into a fun, creative, learning experience. Site offers great recipes, activities and safety advice for kids and parents. UK based but fun worldwide.

Kids Cooking
From the Recipe Ladies...loads of fun recipes, easy instructions to follow and some trivia too.

Kids Farm
Learn how cherries and other fruit grow or visit the Farmers Market.

Milk Times
Have fun learning about the benefits of milk! Games, prizes and lots of good resources - you can even share a milk joke!

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