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A to Z Home's Cool
A huge site featuring everything for the beginner to experienced homeschooler. All ages covered.

American Homeschool Association
Information and resources for homeschooling in the United States.

Canadian Home Based Learning
Resources for homeschoolers in Canada. Lots of resources by province.

Another Path
Comprehensive resources for the special needs of the deaf or hard of hearing who are homeschooled.

Fire the Imagination
Engage your children with challenging and inspiring materials recommended by Practical Homeschooling, Cathy Duffy, The Well-Trained Mind and more! Fire the Imagination is Canadian distributor for Jim Weiss storytelling audio (incl. G.A.Henty), Classical Kids CDs and Teacher's Guides, Mozart Effect CDs for study and quiet time and Story of the World audio.

Home Education Magazine
Wide range of homeschool topics for all ages.

Homeschool Blogger
The community where homeschoolers gather. Get your own Blog and start sharing with other homeschoolers today.

Homeschool Central
Excellent section for new homeschoolers. Regional homeschool listings and plenty more.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
A global homeschooling company, complete with magazine and web site featuring information and resources for homeschooling.

Jubilee Academy's Outstanding Websites of the Day Blog
Visit the JA Blog - Bringing homeschooling students around the country daily interactive activities!

kwizNET is a web based learning system featuring 1000s of grade appropriate quizzes and printable worksheets based on widely recognized curriculums. Exclusive features such as auto generated quizzes, instant scoring, progress tracking, & award certificates will keep your students motivated!

Library of Homeschooling Resources
Homeschooling articles, websites, etc. added daily. Stay up to date on the latest in homeschooling information!

Meet Me at the Corner
New web site for home schooled kids to meet online in a safe environment.

MSA Homeschooling Resources
A comprehensive list of articles, websites, and other resources brought to you by The MorningStar Academy.

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