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These sites will help you learn HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML Pitstop
A whole bunch of tutorials and exercises for using HTML. Site will teach you tables, bulleted lists, colours, and other fun things.

Clockwatchers - Basic HTML Tutorial
This tutorial is provided for people with no HTML experience. It covers basics, such as documents, formatting, links, images, lists, tables and forms.

HTML Code Tutorial
Step-by-step instruction for basic HTML coding. Easy to understand and follow.

Lissa Explains HTML
The first HTML learning site online dedicated to teaching kids HTML. Well worth a visit if you are starting out.

Webmonkey for Kids
What is HTML anyway? Webmonkey explains and takes you through lessons to get you started with HTML and building web pages.

Learning HTML for Kids
A step by step tutorial to learning HTML.

HTML Goodies
A bit more advanced, though offering tutorials to get you started, this site offers lots of extra tips and info on using HTML.

Getting Started with HTML
A brief article on how to get started with some good tips and information.

An Introduction to HTML
A more advanced site but good information for those of you familiar with HTML.

Link Central | Computers

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