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Alley Oop
United Media feature comic - see today's comic strip or review past strips.
Dozens and dozens of your favorite comic strips can be found at this site. Just choose your strip and go!

Snoopy and the gang will make you laugh.

Garfield Online
Cartoonist Jim Davis brings his pal Garfield online with lots of fun, games, jokes and antics.

Kidz Club
A weekly cartoon featured by creator Uncle Ron

The Lunar Antics
Funny cartoons where the inhabitants of the moon hang out here on Earth. But don't let them steal the show because it's really about us Earthlings.
WOW a joke site the whole family can enjoy!! Nothing but clean jokes and humor. Lots of fun and laughs.

Snake Dance!! Everybody Limbo!
This site claims "Snake jokes and puns so clean you could eat off 'em. Certified salmonella free!", and they're right - lots of fun here!

Tongue Twisters
Lots of tongue twisters that will definitely get your tongue in knots!

Our wacky Australian friend TREVOR is online. Check out the daily strip or review past strips.

Click on the riddles button on this framed site to take you to elephant jokes, Animal Crackers or Literati.

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