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Looking for Links Money/Economics

Beginners Investing
Good information and resources to help you understand the importance of saving and investing. Written for kids.

CIBC Smart Start Program
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce site to introduce kids to their Smart Start program. Lots of good information for kids plus games to make it fun learning.

Escape from Knab
Play this online game to learn about money. You are given a scenario, can you save enough to buy a ticket home and off Knab?

h.i.p Pocket Change
The US Mint site for kids offering fun, entertaining games and cartoons to help you learn about coins.

History of money
A very detailed chronological list of the history of money.

KidsSave™ is a virtual savings program designed for kids ages 6 and up. KidsSave™ helps you and your child keep track of savings, encourages saving through Reward incentives, and helps your child set and track goals.

Kids money
Learn about money management and financial responsibilities. An excellent site devoted exclusively to kids [and parents who want to help].

Kids' Allowances
The pros and cons of getting an allowance, what it is and if you should have one. From Kids' money site.

Know your money for Kids
US Treasury Department site to help kids learn about money, what it looks like, history and more.

Little Money Bags
Little Money Bags is an online kids' money management and accounting system to help parents teach kids how to manage their money.

Making Allowances Kids Zone
Get some ideas on how you can make money or earn an allowance, plus pick up money saving resources, play a game and enter a contest.

Money Instructor
Teaching kids money skills and personal finance. Topics include making money, saving money, counting money, making change, spending and saving, budgeting, checking, investing, and more money skills.

Economics for Kids
Economics is not just money. It's businesses and how they work. It's lemonade stands and how many dollars they take in. Lots of good info for kids.

A friendly town built just for kids where there is something to learn around every corner!

Peanuts and Crackerjacks
The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's educational unit on the economics of pro sports. It's free, fun, and easy to use — even for rookies.

Teach your child how to invest with 1 Share!

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