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Looking for Links Kids

Amazing Kids of the Month
Each month, kids who are accomplishing amazing things are showcased. It is hoped that by telling their special stories, inspiration will come to other kids to accomplish their own amazing achievements.

Crayon Net
Build your own newspaper to be delivered to you each day from

Get the latest news, comics, crosswords and more delivered to your email-box each day.

Junior Scholastic Online
Well written and designed news site for middle schoolers - quizes, polls and current news reports.

An interactive museum of past historical and news events - you can vote, take polls and participate at this well done site.

Student Connections
This New York Times section offers students news they should be aware, a selective guide for students as well as a place to express their "voice".

Time for Kids
Time Magazine brings you this kids version of the popular magazine devoted to news items kids can read and understand.

What's New - CBC Kids
The latest current news selected just for kids

Yak's Corner
News stories specifically that would interest kids.

Link Central | News at Kids' Turn Central