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Remember Remembrance

A Day of Remembrance
From Veterans Affairs Canada offers this site dedicated to the men and women of Canada who served in wars. Excellent site with facts, history and stories of remembrance.

All About the Poppy
The history of the Poppy and how it became the flower of remembrance - from the Royal Canadian Legion.

In Flanders Fields
The famous poem from John McCrae memorializing Remembrance Day. Also includes bio and history of the poet.

Legion Student Page
Details from the Royal Canadian Legion on student contests for Remembrance Day.

National Remembrance Day Celebrations
From The Royal Canadian Legion a complete listing of activities, events and celebrations for Remembrance Day.

Teachers Guide
Remembrance Day Teacher's Guide Resources and images available for teachers.

We Will Remember
The War Museum of Canada offers a look of monuments throughout Canada that memorialize those who served to protect our country.

Remembrance Day
Description and information about Remembrance Day from Wikipedia.

The History of Poppy Day
New Zealand site offers information and history on the importance of Poppy Day.

Remembrance Day
Information and resources for celebrations in Australia.

Remembrance Day
In depth report from CBC Canada on the history and significance of Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day in England
History of Remembrance Day from Woodlands Jr. School in England.

From the BBC, Who, What, Why: Which countries wear poppies?

Remembrance Day Coloring
Free, printable sheets with Remembrance Day theme.

The Poppy Appeal
Help support serving and ex-service men, women and their families in their hours of need. Learn more about the Poppy Appeal.

Remembrance Day
Canadian site offering history and resources on Remembrance Day in Canada.

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