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Acne Assasin
Loads of helpful information on this advertising-free site.

Acne Care Solutions
Guide to understanding acne and its treatments. Helpful information about types of acne and diagnosis.

Acne Helper
Site mission is to provide you with a way of dealing with acne. You can find many different ways to not only treat acne, but prevent it before it occurs.

Acne Home
Information, resources, advice and product guides.

Acne Information is filled with information about the causes and types of acne and dispels common myths about acne. Introduce yourself to the variety of acne treatments that are available today. Think you already know all about acne? Take our Acne IQ quiz and test your knowledge.

Acne Net
Information, treatments and advice and resources for acne from The American Academy of Dermatology.

Acne: Help is Here!
Simple advice from Kids Connection on how to help clear up acne.

Controlling Acne
Tips for controlling acne from the Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto, Canada.

Taking Care of Your Skin
Excellent information and advice from Kids Health about how to take care of your skin.

Face the Facts
Information and resources from Oxy Canada about acne and other skin problems.

What is Acne?
Complete with diagrams, this site shows you exactly what acne is.

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