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American Youth Soccer Organization
Learn the basics of soccer, coaching tips and watch for the new online game section coming soon.

ESPN Soccer
ESPN brings you all the latest news and information on Soccer (football) from around the world, including standings, team info and scores.

FIFA-International Federation of Football Association
International news and events from football (soccer) around the world.

Soccer Patch
Send in your Soccer Team patch to be viewed around the world, and check out other teams patches.

Soccer Training Guide
Relevant information about soccer free for everyone. Soccer positions, rules, formations and much more.

Soccer Tip of the Day
Click on a day and get a new tip to help improve your playing skills.

US Soccer
Your Guide to everything happening in US Soccer. Resources, news and information.

US Soccer Online
The official site of the US Soccer Federation. Tons of information on both mens, womens and youth soccer around the United States.

World Soccer
Everything soccer around the world including World Cup daily results. Excellent resourcs and information on everything soccer.

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