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Ban Dai
The Official site for Ban Dai makers of Yomega Yo Yos Tamagotchi and Digimon - check out what's new in the product line.

Makers of crayons - see what is happening in the factory - games, fun and more!

Visit the Disney site for official Disney toys, movies and fun - lots to do and see - can stop in the Toy shop to see what new products are available this Christmas.

Dr. Toys Guide
A good resource to learn about toys - product reviews and more.

Fisher Price
The "Official" Fisher Price site - product reviews, catalogue and fun and games too!

Great American Puzzle Factory
This company has been making your favorite puzzles for years!! Good site with product reviews and things to see and do too!

Makers of some great games like Risk, Scrabble and Monopoly plus toys like GI Joe, Small Soldiers, Batman and Lost World.

The official site from Mattell brings you hot tips on the latest cars and lots of fun things to do on this nicely designed site.

K'Nex Worldwide
Click on the country of your choice then visit the official site of your choice to learn about this creative connecting toy.

Toys for Special Children
An online catalogue is available to view toys designed with special kids in mind.

The "Official" home of Beanie Babies. See what is being released, retired or worth at their official site - a must visit for any collector.

Tyco RC
Home of those zippy RC racing cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and more.

Matchbox Cars
The official site from Matchbox those guys that make the little cars.

The site is in French, but you can still see the cool stuff.

Playmobil Central
Official site from playmobil the makers of quality kids toys create a site from Germany on everything playmobil. Site is available from different countries.

From the model makers themselves Revell-Monogram this informative well designed site is great for anyone into model building.

Innovative electronic educational learning toys for children from birth through about age 14. Online catalogue and product reviews.

The latest in high tech toys are made by Wow Wee!

Toy News
The latest news and information on what's new in toys.

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