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Wild Cats

Learn about the cougars of North Carolina.

Facts on the Cougar
Interesting facts about Cougars in Canada.

Excellent information, resources and photos of Leopards.

Snow Leopard
Information and facts about Snow Leopards from Kids' Planet.

Big Cats Online
Well done site featuring all your favorite big cats. Lots of info and resources.

Jaguar Facts
Good information and facts about Jaguars from World Wildlife Federation.

Lion Facts
More fun facts about Lions.

Great Cats
Information and resources about Lions from the National Zoo.

Facts, information and photos of Cheetahs.

Cheetah Outreach
Organization increase awareness of the diminishing numbers of free ranging cheetahs in the wild and helps their cause.

Information and photos about Bobcats.

Canadian Lynx
Learn more about the elusive Canadian Lynx.

5 Tigers
Learn about the five species of Tigers.

Big Cat Rescue
Information about the Tiger from this organization doing their best to help save them.

Information and resources from Seaworld.

Wild Cat Books

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