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Kids Turn Art Room


Start Drawing
Welcome to the Virtual  Art Room
New Letter Backgrounds Page

where you can start your artwork and email it to anyone

Remember, you came to this page to draw your own riteMail artwork... This is easy:  

  • Click on any pattern in the table and wait until the riteMail drawing pad with  that pattern appears on the screen (the accompanying page  includes  drawing instructions)

  • Draw your artwork on the pad using your mouse, touchpad or graphics tablet

  • Type in your From email address

  • Type in email addresses of your friends in the To line (separate multiple addresses with semicolons). If you want to share your drawing with us, don't delete currently not available in the To line  

  • The Subject of the message says: "My riteMail Artwork by MY NAME". Please replace MY NAME with your real name or nickname. Your work will only be published if your name is in the subject.

  • Press Send button (If this is your first riteMail letter, we will ask you to fill out the registration form. This will start your free, 30-day trial subscription to the riteMail service that transmits your handwritten messages.)

  Choose a pattern and click on it to open riteMail drawing pad
  (you can change the pattern later if needed)

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