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Kids Turn Games

Toss One! Kids' Turn
Snowball Toss

It's fun, harmless snowball tossing online at the Kids' Turn or any Delphi Forum! Pick a target and ready, aim...toss!
How to Toss a Snowball:
    1. Choose a victim.

    2. Use the Visitors List on the Kids' Turn Forum to find a forum member to toss at. You can use the pull down menu on your posts to choose a victim as well.

    3. You can also send a friend an email message letting them know they have been 'hit' on the forums by including the url/web address to the hit.
    For example: Send someone the following URL to visit the Kids' Turn Annual Snowball Toss message or post your own message and send them the above url, changing the msg #244.1 to the msg number on your post.

    4. Post a hit on the Kids' Turn or other Delphi Forums.

    Use one of the snowballs listed below - just copy and paste the code into a forum post or or Share

  • Regular Snowball
  • Yellow Snowball
  • Country Music Snowball
  • Craft Snowball
  • Boule de Neige
  • Santa Snowball
  • Southwestern Snowball
  • Basket of Snowballs
  • Fruitcake Snowball
  • Grandpa Snowball
  • Birthday Snowball
  • Northern Ontario Snowball
  • Jester Snowball
  • Mud Snowball
  • Collectible Snowball

  • Have Fun!

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