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Kids Turn Summer Fun

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Activity of the Day - Index of Activities

Fire Fighter
Make Stickers
Indoor Sandbox
Indoor Camping
Bird Watching
Slippery Slide
Taste Test
Grow Garlic
Mud Painting
Flour Fun
Guessing Game
Hand and Footprints
Search for Gold
Obstacle Course
Water Balloon Volleyball
Dragons Tail
What is Missing?
Nail Board
Musical Glasses
Bean Bag Basketball
Island Hopping
Body Swap
Pebble Words
Frog Hunt
Indoor Tent
Paperclip Jewellery
Kitchen Band
I Love you Because
Little Carpenter
Dictionary Zoo
Raisin Art
I Spy
Water Statues
Leaf Race
Silly Songs
Opposite Day
Orientation Hunt
Town Map
Flower Tinting
Grocery Store
Play Vet
Bike Parade
Soggy Jog
Collect Rocks
Wooden Spoon Race
Biggest Grin Contest
No Laughs
Foot Race
Feather Fun
Chalk the Walk!
Set a Record!

Activity of the Day

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