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Kids Turn Summer

Need Cash? Find a Summer Job!

Everyone can use a little extra cash to buy those special things we want. Being a kid, it's not easy to find a job. There are some things kids can do to earn a little extra cash over the summer.

Here's a few ideas from kids like you:

  • Babysitting is an obvious choice. You can learn more about babysitting and how to get your babysitting certificate here.

  • Open a lemonade stand! Not only is it fun, you can earn some cash on a hot summer day. Ask Mom or Dad to help you set it up, don't forget to pay them back if they help pay for supplies.

  • Walk dogs/care for pets. Lots of people are too busy over summer to take care of their pets. Start your own pet care, dog walking business.

  • Yard work and gardening is another good idea. Offer your services to cut grass, weed gardens and do general yard work for people, seniors especially can use the help in the summer.

  • Hold a car wash! Get a group of friends together and with parents permission start your own car wash.

  • Have a garage sale. Clean out your closets, toy chests and basements of all the toys/books you no longer use. You'd be surprised how much stuff you no longer use.

  • Check with the local employment agencies to see if they have any listings for youth. Occasionally camps and other organizations are looking for youngsters to help out.

Unfortunately there are laws about kids working so you have to be creative when you are young to earn a little extra cash. Get your parents involved too, they may have some good ideas. They may even be more encouraged to help you out if they see you trying to make your own cash instead of just holding out your hand.

You can learn more about working and finding work here, or read Rich Dad's Escape From the Rat Race to learn more about financing your future.

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