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Kids Turn Clipart

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Graphics - Teddy Bear Shop - Samples #40


Get your very own Teddy Bear Hug graphic for use on web pages and forum signatures!

Klat bear Ruby bear Hip Hop bear

Hip hop bear Troop 308 bear Mannis bear

Blondie bear Kay bear Senior bear

Jackson bear Mrs Gordon bear Volley bear

VGG birthday bear Blondie bear Thank You bear

Kristy bear Jade bear Heather bear

Babysit bear Welcome bear Welcome bear

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Use Request button to request a bear image.. Please state the color or style of bear you wish. Also include a first name or nickname [no last names will be used]. Once your request is posted you will be contacted on where and how to pick up your bear! You may also Email your request. Kids under 13 will require parents permission.

Note: All requests are responded to. If you did not recieve a response on your request your email address is invalid. Several email requests via email have bounced.

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