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Treasure Hunt! Have a Treasure Hunt!

Whether you are hosting a Pirate Party or just want to have a treasure hunt, here are some ideas to get you started:

What you Need:

  • Booty! You will need some type of "treasure" or prizes to hide. For a real pirate theme, you can purchase Gold Coin candy, gum or chocolates. If it's hot outside you might want to skip the chocolate. You can also purchase various small items at a dollar store to hide.
  • Loot Bags. Your pirates will need something to keep their Booty in. You can make your own, or purchase from party or dollar stores.
  • Treasure Map. You'll have to map out where you hide the Booty. You can use our map outline. Add your own details to customize your map. You can draw your own map as well.
  • Treasure Chest. This is optional. You can place your booty in the treasure chest and bury, or just hide the booty without a chest.
What to Do:

  • Before the treasure hunt, hide your "Booty" in various spots throughout the area you are hosting the treasure hunt, (Inside or outside). Be sure to keep track of where you have hidden the cache. You can place small amounts of booty on each stop along the way, and a large amount as the "big" treasure at the end of the hunt. Or, you can place hints along the way on notes and only place the booty in the final treasure spot.
  • On a treasure map, map out the spots you have hidden the loot. You can add hints on the map of landmarks near the loot, or put "track marks" so the kids can follow them. Print out extra copies of your map.
  • You can have people dressed as pirates along the hunt to offer clues if the kids get stuck on the map.
  • Give each child a treasure map, or they can do as group(s). Be sure to explain exactly how you are hosting your treasure hunt and be prepared to offer help and tips if you are dealing with young children.
Above all, be creative, be safe and always have a backup plan if you are planning outside and the weather doesn't co-operate!

If you have suggestions for a treasure hunt you can post them on our Facebook Page or send us an Email.

Have fun!

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