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Kids Turn Animals/Pets

Scorchio Baby NeoPet What's Not to Love About NeoPets™?

They're cute. Not too hard to take care of. You can shop for them, feed them and even play games with them.

You might just get very attached to one!

What are NeoPets?
NeoPets are a collection of various imaginary animals that you can choose, adopt and care for right online. There's no bringing this animal home to mess up your bedroom or chew your stuff. They live in the confines of your computer.

Just because they live on your computer doesn't mean you don't have to take care of them. You are encouraged to be responsible to your pet and it's finances. Once you Sign-up to own a NeoPet you do need to take care of him or her.

First you need to pick your NeoPet from one of the many available species. You then customize it with a name you choose, sex and color, the initial terrain type, you give a few characteristics and with one click your NeoPet is born.

Once you have your NeoPet you are ready to tackle Neopia, the world where your NeoPets reside.

The site doesn't cost you anything to join but you will need currency to buy your pet food, and take care of it's needs. At NeoPets that currency is NeoPoints.

You use and earn NeoPoints by playing games, going on Faerie Quests, trading cards, setting up bank accounts and even challenging other NeoPet owners to a fight of NeoPets. The onsite game prizes are Neopoints.

It sounds a bit confusing at first but it's a lot easier once you have your own NeoPet and are moving around the site. Fellow NeoPet owners are very willing to share their tips too! Twelve-year-old Becky, owner of a Gelert assures me, "NeoPets rocks".

Chia Baby NeoPet Where Did They Come From?
Initially it was designed for University students but the site was soon taken over by younger kids who fell in love with the little creatures.

After an initial overload of visitors tied up the web site when word spread about NeoPets the site was moved to larger servers to better serve visitors. Lizard, an 11-year-old NeoPet owner told me "the site is really busy so sometimes you have to visit it more than one time to get it working". I've had no problem accessing the site at all during some pretty peak times.

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