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Losing A Pet:

If you own a pet chances are you love it very much. You may walk your dog. Take your bunny out of it's cage and play with it. Play games with your cat. Talk to your bird or even rub your Iguana's belly. You feed your pets and care for them day in and day out. For this, they love you, unconditionally.

Pets become a part of the family. You can get very emotionally attached to them very quickly. You may talk to them when no one else will listen. You may even share your secrets with your pets and they won't tell a soul.

Unfortunately there comes a time when you may experience the loss of a pet. Most pets do not live as long as humans so it is inevitable that the pet you care for and love dearly will die during your lifetime.

Sometimes your pet will die for no explainable reason. Other times your pet is simply old and it's time has come. Often, a pet may be sick or injured and the humane thing to do is to have your veterinarian perform euthanasia. A pet could run away or get lost. You may have to sell or give away a pet. You may also have had your pet stolen. All of these can be reasons that you might experience the loss of a pet.

The loss of a pet often happens when you are young. It can be very difficult to understand why. It can be a very sad time for you and that is perfectly normal. Children have very special relationships with their pets so having sad, angry, hurt, lonely or guilty feelings is very normal.

Coping with Pet Loss

If you have lost a pet try one of these suggestions to help make this time a little less difficult:

  • Have a funeral or memorial service for your pet. Parents can help with this
  • Keep something special of your pets, like a collar or a favorite toy
  • Look at pictures of your pet, or arrange them in a special photo album
  • Write a story or poem about your pet or draw a picture
  • Talk to friends and family about your pet

There are a lot of online resources to help you through the loss of a pet. Places you can post a special tribute to your pet. Information sites that help explain pet loss and places you can just talk about your special pet. Use the highlighted links to learn more about pets and pet loss.

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You are welcome to post a memorial to your pet at the Kids' Turn Pet Memorial page.

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