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Keep your Dog Safe this Winter

Winterize your pet We have two Black Labs. Both dogs absolutely love to go outside in the winter, digging and playing in the snow here in Northern Ontario, Canada.

While this is terrific exercise for the dogs, it should be done with care and attention, particularly when it is extremely cold.

Humans know to bundle up, wear a hat, mitts and scarf when cold outside. While your dog might have his own fur coat he still needs some special attention in cold climates.

Here are some tips to keep your dogs safe this winter:

  • If you have an outdoor dog, make sure he has a warm, dry doghouse or shelter. In extremely cold temperatures, bring him inside.
  • Make sure your dog has enough water and water is clear of ice and snow.
  • If your dogs coat is dry, ask your Vet about adding vegetable oil to his food.
  • Watch for wind chills during extreme cold. Pet sweaters and coats are available. Pet booties are also available to keep paws warm. Do not leave dogs outside for extended periods when extremely cold.
  • If the snow is piling up, make sure you clear a path for your dog to do his business or get exercise.
  • If you take your dog on daily walks in very cold temperatures, shorten the length of time outside. Check paws for any packed snow between toes. If you've walked dog near roadways that have been salted or treated with chemicals be sure to clean his paws. Do not use salt or other chemicals near where your dog is tied outside area.
  • Anti-freeze and windshield de-icer is fatal to dogs. Keep away from all your pets. These products smell sweet and taste good to your dog, make certain they don't have the opportunity to drink them or lick up spills.
  • Do not leave a dog in a locked vehicle in winter. Although it may appear to be warmer in the vehicle, temperatures can drop very quickly.
Get out in the snow and play with your dog this winter, they will love it and you'll have fun, just don't stay out too long!

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