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Elf Magic™ Introduces First-Ever Book and DVD Set

Elf MagicNORTH POLE (September 14, 2010) – With a holiday season full of early morning door buster sales, extra-long wish lists, office parties, and preparing meals for 20, the true meaning of Christmas can get lost in the flurry of activity. A visit from one of Santa’s plush Elf Magic™ Elves is a great way to bring wonder, magic, and meaning back into Christmas. A new book, “Elf Magic, The Story of a Timeless Christmas Tradition,” serves as a cheery introduction to the tradition each year.

Elf Magic Elves, sent by Santa to visit children during the Christmas season, truly become a child’s best friend and a part of the family in a way that is simply “magic”! While their primary mission is to spread joy, love, and kindness, they are also known to embark on adventures during the night. When children awake in the morning, they’re excited and surprised to find out what their Elf has been doing all night. These adventures, or “Elfcapades,” can be helpful--like doing a child’s chores, or silly--like getting stuck in a cereal box.

Through the years, families create lasting memories of the Elfcapade adventures, and children young and old look forward to the annual visits from the adventurous Elves, but it is the bond of friendship that is created with the Elves that the family will remember and treasure forever. Despite the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, the Elves bring families together and remind them that Christmas is about much more than just gifts.

In the brand-new, beautifully illustrated “Elf Magic, The Story of a Timeless Christmas Tradition,” Santa explains to the Elves:

    “So, go visit for Christmas and teach what I’ve taught;
    That the best gifts are those that can never be bought!
    That Christmas is brighter and dreams will come true
    If you share love and kindness in all that you do.”

Elf Magic The 51-page book is easy-to-read and features gorgeous watercolor illustrations. The story transports readers to the North Pole, where Santa gathers his Elves for the annual reading of his story about a timeless Christmas tradition, where Elf Magic Elves are sent to children’s houses around the world. Readers also learn important details about the Elves through the enchanting story, including what they like to eat, and the significance of the embroidered snowflake on each Elf’s chest.

As a bonus, on the inside cover of the book, readers will find a DVD that contains a fully animated cartoon of the story and four original Elf Magic sing-along songs. Families will delight in the creativity of the songs and the way it captivates the child and encourages them to read and sing aloud. These catchy tunes are sure to become family-favorites for years to come. The full lyrics of all four songs can also be found on the last pages of the book.

“Elf Magic, The Story of a Timeless Christmas Tradition” can be found on Santa’s favorite website, and at his favorite retail stores—known as North Pole Supply Posts, for $24.95.

The Elf Magic SnowCase™ was also introduced as a new accessory for Elves-on-the-go this year. Each one contains everything an Elf needs to ensure a comfortable visit and safe return to the North Pole. Doubling as a mobile Elf Playhouse, the SnowCase comes complete with a Claus-et™ for the Elf’s clothes (or Elfits™ as they are better known), a pullout drawer to hold their Magic North Pole Snowflakes, a fold-out bench where the Elf can sit and watch the snow fall, and a mini passport to document their travels. Kids can customize their Elf’s SnowCase and mini passport with the included travel stickers. SnowCases, which also come with a luggage tag, are available in boy and girl styles, and have a delivery cost (via sleigh, of course!) of $24.

Also new for the first time in 2010, redheaded Elves with freckled faces will be traveling from the North Pole to homes around the world. For more information on the Elf Magic tradition, including family-submitted Elfcapades and details on how to purchase an Elf boarding pass on Santa’s Elf Express visit

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Elf Magic is the booming tradition of Santa’s Magic Elves who have been visiting children’s homes for over 50 years during the Christmas season. The visiting Elf comes to life at night to embark on all kinds of adventures- the remnants of which surprise children when they awake the next morning. Elf Magic Elves are also very sweet and enjoy being held and loved throughout the day. While some of the Elves have mischievous streaks from time to time, Santa knows which Elf will be the best fit for each family. So whether a family wants excitement or simple companionship from their Elf, Santa will make sure the right Elf arrives at their home. For more information, visit or call 1-877-Elf-Magic (1-877-353-6244).