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The Vampire Prince
The Vampire Prince (Saga of Darren Shan, Book 6)

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CIRQUE DU FREAK: The Vampire Prince
Book 6 in the Darren Shan Saga
by Darren Shan
Publication: September 2003
Audience: Young Adult

"I hated myself for what I had done. I wanted to turn and run, get far away and pretend this never happend. I felt cheap, dirty, nasty. I tried consoling myself with the thought that I'd done the right thing, but how did one separate right from wrong where killing was concerend?"....Darren Shan

When we last left Darren he had faced the Trials of Death but the outcome was not good. Faced with certain death he was convinced to flee Vampire Mountain only to meet death head on.

Book 6, The Vampire Prince opens with Darren floating through the dangerous mountain stream struggling to survive. He is carrying a dark secret with him. One that could change everything going on at Vampire Mountain.

Darren must struggle to stay alive and return to the mountain to warn his friends of the traitor among them. If he makes it his own life may not be spared since he has broken the sacred vampire laws. Despite the risk we follow Darren back up and into Vampire Mountain to come face to face with the Vampire Princes and to meet his fate.

The Vampaneze are also making their way into the tunnels. Darren is the only one who knows the truth of their presence.

Old characters in the series return to add conflict and mystery to the story. Madame Octa, Mr. Tiny and Rudi the wolf cub all are part of the new conflicts Darren will face.

Like all of the books in the Cirque Du Freak series, The Vampire Prince doesn't disappoint. The gripping story keeps you turning pages as we wait to see what next will happen to Darren. You may be a little surprised to find out how this one ends!

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