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Kids Turn Books

By Jeremy Leslie and David Roberts

Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: DK Publishing
ISBN: 0756621593
Reading level: Kids, Teens
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What does time look like? Did Vikings ice skate? Does Australia have more sheep than people?

These are just three of the thousands of questions answered in PICK ME UP a new, part reference, part entertainment, part educational, 100% captivating book for youth (though I know many adults who would enjoy the book).

In todays fast-paced, high tech world of computers, instant messaging, cell phones and Blackberries we often forget to reach for a book. PICK ME UP is one book you will not only reach for and pick up, you won't be able to put it down. Once you start reading you'll be sharing every little fact you learn with anyone who will listen.

If you love trivia, facts and figures, fascinating tidbits or just stumping a friend, you will spend countless hours flipping through the pages of PICK ME UP. Every page is filled with questions and answers, fascinating facts and information for the curious along with contemporary graphics, charts and images.

Did you know eighty per cent of Canadian teens play computer games for an average of five hours per week? Did you know honey originally came from Egypt? Did you know your biggest muscle is your butt? From Pop culture to nature and science, history and geography, PICK ME UP explores and answers hundreds of lifes little mysteries.

I dare you, place a copy of PICK ME UP on your coffee table, kitchen counter, computer desk or even in the bathroom. I bet someone picks it up!

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