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Want more email?

Join an email list, this series of articles explains how to find and use one.

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How do I find an Email List for Kids?
Before you rush out and join any email list you should find out whether kids are welcome. Some adults do not want kids on their lists. Similarly some kids don't want adults on their lists.

The good news is there are plenty of lists out there specifically for kids. A small sampling can be found at Email Lists for Kids. These lists have been reviewed by myself and are suitable for youth.

Another way to find lists for kids is to use a List Directory. Here are a few to begin your search:

  • Listz
    This directory allows you to search and find topics you are interested in. It also breaks down topics by category to find topics that way.

The next two links in this series are to Kids' Email Lists and a listing of email programs and places you can get free email accounts.

Email List Series:

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